Thai Massage

Thai Massage and Deep Tissue Combo $150 per hour at my location, $215 at Strip Hotels

Absolutely one of my favorite modalities to perform because of the energetic transfer. This form of body work is great for anyone who loves very strong massages and suffers from chronic low back, sciatic, or glut pain.  I incorporate Medical Massage techniques and Assisted Stretch Releases to really help your body let go of tension. My Thai Massage is  performed slower with stretches held longer than traditional Thai Massage.

Please wear loose fitting clothes that allow me to move you into various positions. I work with all levels of flexibility and only take stretches as far as your body will allow.  A single Thai massage session will help you release high amounts of stress and relieve pain.  You will feel very happy and sedated because of the high doses of dopamine and endorphins released through Thai Massage. I promise this massage is like no other.

Thai Massage is comfortably performed on a thick floor mat in order to receive the highest benefits of the stretches.