Tandem Massage

Why Tandem Massage?

Four Hands, Tandem Massage is quickly growing to be ‘The’ signature massage experience at some of the top destination spas in the US and around the world.

Four Hands, Tandem Massage around the United States:

  • ‘The ultimate in pleasure, Dorado Resort’s Four-Hands Massage! Two masseuses expertly guide their four hands in perfect synchronization for the most comprehensive and relaxing massage you will ever have.’
  • four hands work in perfect unison in a remarkable experience that inspires a harmony of the senses.’
  • “Two therapists flow in synchronized harmony for the ultimate massage, designed for tension releasing, deep relaxation and rebalancing.’ Four Seasons Resorts
  • “A recent article in Massage Magazine referred to a Massage Therapist that used her tandem massage specialty to break into celebrity massage. Her clients have included Toby Keith, Madonna and her crew, U2, Keith Urban, The Eagles and Rascal Flatts.”

What is Four Hands Tandem Massage?

In a typical Tandem Massage session there are two basic types of Tandem Massage work that are blended together to create the session. The first, called ‘mirror massage’ first originated in India 1000’s of years ago and is one in which both therapists are working in exact unison with one another, stoke by stroke. It is the type that usually springs to mind when one thinks of Tandem Massage and it brings balance to both the body and the mind of your client. The second, ‘asynchronous’ Tandem Massage is where the two therapists work in a complementary way but are not exact mirror opposites; for example one therapist may be at the head of the table relaxing the neck while the other therapist works at the foot of the table working on reflex points on the feet. A well designed Tandem Massage routine is a seamless dance of both mirror and asynchronous work that incorporates a variety of massage modalities such as deep tissue, stretching and reflexology with long flowing Swedish massage strokes.

Benefits of Tandem Massage for the Client:

  • The client receives twice as much work and healing benefits in the allotted time.
  • Because of the extra sensory input, many clients find it easier to let go when receiving Tandem Massage since it is impossible to concentrate on more than one thing at a time.
  • The Mirror Massage techniques balance both sides of the brain deeply relaxing the nervous system and creating harmony within the client’s body.

Benefits of Tandem Massage for the Therapist:

  • A well choreographed Tandem Massage is just downright fun for both therapists and offers something different during a therapists massage day.
  • Tandem Massage is a way to set your spa or private practice apart from your competition.
  • Gives the therapists all the extra time they need to give a complete massage AND work to address specific complaints in the same amount of time.
  • It  is the ultimate in Pampering for those clients who want a truly luxury experience. Our perfectly synchronized massage is perfect for overly stressed individuals who want to recover quicker in one sessions time.