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August 8, 2022

The object of Myofacial release is to stretch the fascia in the troubled areas of the body. Fascia is a thin, pliable connective tissue that covers the muscles and other body elements with a finely woven net. With this bodywork modality, more attention is given to the fascia than to the muscles.

Fascia gives the muscles strength, support, and elasticity. Ultimately, it is fascia that gives the body its shape. Interestingly, Surgeons thread their sutures through the fascia, not the muscle tissue, when making surgical repairs. The tensile strength is in the fascia, which will hold the sutures, whereas the muscle tissue will tear out. Under normal conditions, movement keeps fascia well hydrated and pliable. When there is a Strain or injury, the fascia loses its hydration, shrinks, and becomes tight.

To stretch fascia therapeutically, sustained gentle pressure is applied, usually for several minutes. Fascia has viscous flow that allows it to be slowly deformed into a new shape. The therapy applied can be a combination of pulling, pushing, compression, skin rolling, and sustained pressure with assisted stretch. The pressure used is light and as soon as the fascia releases, the therapist can feel the heat and a therapeutic pulse.

Myofascial Release has proven to give relief of pain to many misunderstood conditions such as Fibromyalgia. Whether you suffer from strains or chronic pain, this very effective modality yields great results.