About Us

Hello everyone, I offer bodywork with an emphasis on Sports Massage and Movement functionality. I have been practicing massage therapy since 2008. I began as an amateur in 2007 and fell in love with the ability to provide healing through bodywork and enrolled in Massage School in Nevada. I have created a sequence of techniques and incorporate modalities that allow the body to relax and heal through the means of stretch, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular therapy. I incorporate various ART techniques that I learned through hands on  Sports Massage Continued Education.

There is no greater reward than making a positive difference in a person who has been injured. I work from experience as I have recovered from lower back, upper shoulder , and pelvic injuries. I have committed my time to finding the best relief for muscular pain because it SUCKS!

I have experience with the following:

  • ~Onset migraine headaches and preventive
  • ~TMJ & Tension headaches
  • ~Insomnia
  • ~knee injury Pre & Post Surgical  treatments
  • ~Lower back SI/L5 most common injuries
  • ~Shoulder Girdle, Anterior and Posterior muscle recovery
  • ~Pelvic Girdle hip joint re~balancing, hip and pelvis realignment
  • ~PMS, hormonal problems, natural birth induction through release of hormonal Accupoints
  • ~Hand and elbow therapy from over worked flexion and extension muscles (professional golfers, dentists, computer techs)
  • ~Stomach pain
  • ~Neck discomforts and stiffness
  • ~Sciatic pain

In addition,

I provide a natural approach to labor induction therapy. If you are pregnant and would like to plan out your delivery date let me help you after the 39th week. Most of the clients that I have helped have received results within the second massage and meet their baby within hours of the second massage. I also offer Labor and Delivery Massage performed at the Hospital.



Mina M. Garcia NVMT#4979