Why I love what I do

My vision of helping people live pain free through Holistic Rehabilitation Therapy has fulfilled itself. Practicing in Las Vegas has allowed me to work on Athletes, Competitive Fitness participants, and beautiful souls who suffer from chronic pain. Many of the clients who find me had no idea that they can get so much relief in just one session.

My desire to see my clients live pain free is what continues motivating me to keep learning new techniques and strategies. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a person with Parkinson’s stop shaking, or hearing, “you fixed me!” Whatever Muscular dysfunction, I am confident I can help you feel better.

The benefits of Therapeutic Body work extend further than relaxation and Pampering. A therapist who understands Muscular Rehab can help you improve movement functionality. My goal is to help you enjoy your normal activities without the restrictions of pain and stiffness. I love what I do and because of that, I don’t tire when I am working. As the saying goes, “when you love what you do, it is not work”. That doesn’t mean that I don’t work hard, but it means I am passionate about what I give to others.


Mina Marissa Garcia LMT 

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