Therapy Styles

Golfers Retreat

60 minutes of attention specifically given to the muscles over used during a day on the course. Includes rosemary and eucalyptus aromatherapy to relieve tired muscles of tension. Detail is given to traps, arm extensors, flexors, hands, and the shoulder girdle. This wonderful massage also focuses on lower and upper legs to give your whole body the rejuvenation it needs.u

Couples Retreat

Enjoy a relaxing and soothing massage side by side. Our therapists bring two tables where you and yours can unwind together. All couples need to connect emotionally, spiritually, and physically in order to maintain a balanced relationship. We want to help you remain holistically connected with our healing massage.
Includes aromatherapy, candle light, hot stone therapy on feet, 60 minutes of firm Swedish strokes to help you relax.

Athletic Maintenance

60 minutes of stretching, deep stripping of traps, lower back, and arms. Stretch is incorporated into the massage to circulate new oxygen supply allowing your muscles to recover from any work out or athletic competition. Ice massage may be requested for any massage to reduce inflammation on sore overworked muscles.

Injury Recovery

If you have incurred an injury within six weeks and have a doctors release we will happily help your injury site reach it’s healing capacity quicker. Therapy includes different types of massage techniques designed to flush high amounts of blood and oxygen into the injured area. Please communicate your pain tolerance with your therapist as your comfort level is our highest priority.

Decadence Delight

This is a special massage most enjoyed by massage gluttons. You know who you are. Frequent massages are a part of your lifestyle. One massage therapist is not enough to satisfy your appetite for touch. Two therapists intuitively apply their full attention to your body for 60,90,120 minutes.

Therapy begins at the proximal (upper) and distal (lower) part of your body and meet mid back to skillfully perform a wonderful 4hand experience you will surely love!

Seated Chair Massage

For the executive who has too many meetings and not enough time to unwind. Sit on your comfortable chair, pop your feet on the ottoman, and relax for 30,45,60 minutes. The therapist will remove the knots from your neck, traps, and knead your shoulders to serenity. Arms and hands get wonderful attention as do your feet that have been carrying you around all day. Tis is the perfect pick me up for the busy professional who has no time to relax. Can also get two therapist for twice the massage.

Bridal Parties

For the lady on her special day to share with all the special ladies in her life. We want to pamper you and prepare you with beautification. We offer hot stones for your feet, hot oil scalp massage, body scrubs, cellulite massage, foot reflexology, and even help bring hair dressers, manicurists, estheticians, make up artists to help you feel and look great!