Enjoy side by side Massage, Whether at My Spa Room or in Your Hotel Room. Parties of Three or more can also be accommodated please ask for details.

Discounts for following Hotels 

Weekend Rates Aria-$200 per hour, normally $225


Encore & Wynn $220 per hour

Cosmopolitan $220

All other hotels prices vary, some are more and some are less. It all depends on  location, valet, and accessibility. I bring a heavy full size portable massage table, linen, music, and everything that I need to give you a luxury in suite Spa Experience..

Local In home Massages

Constellation-$125-150 per hour Depending on therapy

Queens Ridge Community $135-150 per hour depending on therapy

The Ridges~$150-180 per hour  depending on treatment

all other locations please ask. Thank you!