Home Care

So many of us encounter temporary injuries or experience inabilities of sleeping or relaxing. Especially those who have high stress professions. So what can you do to help when you can’t get to the therapist for bodywork?

Injuries, Be aware of your pain level. From level 1-10 and 10 being very painful, identify your pain to decide whether you need to see your Doctor.

If your pain is a moderate level about 6-7 you can use ice as it is one the greatest healing home care methods.

Why is ice so beneficial? When cold is prolonged for more than approximately one minute, the vessels vasoconstrict to prevent heat loss from the core. The shrinking of the blood vessels slows down circulation. Metabolism also decreases. An application of cold temps should not be left on longer than 20 minutes as tissue damage may set in.

Benefits of Cold

Analgesic- pain relief is caused by stimulation of sensory nerve endings, causing counter-irritant effect and decrease in transmission by pain fibers.

Antispasmodic-Cramp management. Cold acts as a counter irritant giving the brain a second message to compute, thus interrupting the signal of pain/spasm cycle

Anesthetic-the numbing effect of prolonged use of cold

Burn Management-Cold applications can minimize formation of blisters and decrease pain. Very effective for sunburns.

Tonic-Cold water causes contraction of muscle tissues, thereby increasing muscle tone.

What happens when the cold treatment is over? After an application of cold is applied, the body reacts once again in effort to maintain homeostasis. An influx of fresh warm blood is sent through now dilated vessels to heat the area back to normal body temperatures.
Cold packs applied to the abdominal area for ten minutes also aids in constipation as it increases peristals.

Skip out on the botox-icing your face to counter wrinkles!!! Too good to be true? Try it let me know how well it works. Yes, it even works for your face.