Patrick, Las Vegas

I signed up for a great 4 hand massage and felt completely relaxed afterward. They were friendly, professional and accommodating. They applied the perfect amount of pressure to soothe my muscles but not too much to where I felt pain. The hot stone therapy topped off an already great massage experience and I plan on calling on their services again. I would recommend her massage therapy to anyone in the area or planning a Vegas trip. Thanks again and I will see you soon!

Danny, Nevada

Received the 4 Hands Massage as a gift, and it was far and away the best 90 minutes of the year. I left feeling completely relaxed and looking forward to utilizing the services and talents of these women again in the very near future. Thanks so much…


Was referred to you through a business partner who recommended you were the best. Said you provided excellent therapy and were actually legit with real training.I was really pleased with your service and will happily pass the number on to my friends as well. Thank you.


I recently competed in an off road event! Mina gave a recory session second to none ! Very professional and respectful. The next day I felt great! I highly recommend.


Professional and accomodating. If you are looking for a REAL massage in Las Vegas and want to try something new with the 4 hand massage, I highly recommend. Your muscles get twice the attention in the same amount of time as a regular massage. Marissa and Courtney were very friendly, genuinely nice and did an amazing job. Music, aromatherapy, and lighting were great details to help set the relaxing atmosphere – and this in my hotel room! I have had a lot of massages over the years and this session ranks among the best. I was very relaxed afterward. Thanks so much!


Thank you so much for helping my back heal! I had been having muscular back pain on the left side of my back for about a month. I pulled a muscle bowling one night and my back never really healed by itself. I always had a very painful knot on the left side that was affecting my daily life and work. One 90 min session with you and my back has felt great ever since. Maybe I should go bowling again so I can com back for another massage!!! LOL

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Las Vegas is greatly known as a city where visitors can enjoy relentless amounts of fun and unparalleled VIP Services. With the successful growth and on going development of this city, it is no surprise that the Spa industry is also flourishing.

The appeal of fully relaxing and forgetting about the daily demands sparks an interest in all of us. Many Resorts compete to out do each other and impress tourists with their Spas. But nothing is better than  having Licensed Massage Therapists bring the SPA to you. We service all 5 Star Hotels on the Las Vegas strip and local Residences. We cater to a wide variety of Travelers and Locals. Whether you want a quiet side by side Couples Massage, or having a party, we have the perfect Relaxation Package for you.